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Artisans of the Barossa

We are delighted to be part of Artisans of the Barossa. A group of like-minded producers with a common goal to protect and promote small batch, sub-regional winemaking. Our individual wineries from Hobbs of Barossa Ranges, Schwarz Wine Company, John Duval Wines, Sons of Eden, Lienert Vineyards, Spinifex Wines and Purple Hands Wines have different winemaking styles representing the breadth and diversity of our home – the Barossa Valley.

Our commitment to making inspirational wines that uphold the culture and traditions of Barossa. We make products that excite, inspire and delight our customers and each other. 

Tasting Room

The Artisans of Barossa Wine Room is located at 24 Vine Vale Road Tanunda SA 5352.

Reserve a Wine Tasting

We offer two wine tasting options in our Wine Room.

Discover Barossa
These wines from our Artisans are the starting place on your journey of discovery, adventuring into the world of small-batch Barossa winemaking.

Choose four wines: $10. Allow 30 minutes guided or unguided

Choose six wines: $15. Allow  45-60 minutes

For $35, take a seat in our lounge and taste eight wines from our full tasting list including our Rarities selections.

Choose eight wines: $35. Allow 60-75 minutes

Dining with Purple Hands Wines

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