Planta Circa

The Planta Circa wine label was created after we literally stumbled across a unique piece of Barossa viticulture history.

In 2012, we uncovered 468 exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon vines hidden at the back of an old vineyard across the road from the Zerk Family Vineyard outside of Lyndoch.

The historian we asked to investigate unearthed the amazing story of PF Zimmerman and the family owned vineyard originally established back in the mid 1800’s. The vineyard was planted by his father and handed over to PF Zimmerman sometime  in the 1870’s where it was further developed.

The original vineyard did not have any Cabernet plantings, but thanks to local newspaper evidence, PF Zimmerman was quoted as protesting the low price of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the first few years of the 1900s.

Thanks to this information, the Cabernet vines are estimated to have been planted between 1880 – 1890.

These ancestor vines (vines equal or over 125 years of age) are the inspiration for our Planta Circa label – the name literally means “planted around the region of” as we are not able to offer the exact date of plantings.  

We first made the Planta Circa Ancestor Vine Cabernet Sauvignon in 2013 and received a resounding 97 point rating from James Halliday, which ranked it amongst the top Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the 2016 Halliday Wine Companion. 

The 2014 vintage received 98 points, one of only 6 wines to receive that score in the 2017 Halliday Wine Companion.

Because there are just 468 Cabernet vines, each year we get a different yield, depending on the heat, rain, wind etc. We normally get 2 – 3 barrels of wine, enough for 100 dozen.

The label has been made to look old and rustic, much like those ancient vines, with an earthy feel, and the Purple Hands logo has been embedded into the label in a subtle way to link it back to our core brand.


Planta Circa

Cabernet Sauvignon

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