The After Five Wine Co. was born to showcase vineyards that have consistently produced wines of quality and importantly also have expressed their sites and the Barossa region.

We have focused on minimal winemaking intervention with the purpose of letting the wine express the site, vineyard and season.  The idea behind the name (After Five Wine Co) was a reflection on when many of our ideas, thoughts and plans began, generally after five and with a glass or two of wine, obviously it also reflects what happens in many homes, bars and restaurants every night as the evening approaches. 

The barrels selected to go into the After Five Wine Co. label represents the quality, complexity and depth we were searching for this label. The price purely reflects the vineyard and winery inputs.  We also wanted the packaging to reflect this premium level and to be quite different to our standard Purple Hands range, the strong and striking symbol on the label reflects the strength and complexity of the wines and the link to enjoying wine with friends after 5 pm.

The creator of the label was David Scott from Flock Creative.  The brief provided to David was to “Think of relaxation after work with a glass of wine, drinking a glass of wine  overlooking a vineyard, forgetting about the day over a glass of wine. Friday night drinks with work colleagues or friends.”

David produced the labels below, and when asked to comment on the design he said ”Our symbol, which also forms the label illustration, is a contemporary reflection of a clockface – with 'After Five' regarded as the perfect time to indulge in wine! The combination of lines in the symbol give a tessellated effect that tricks the eye, so that each viewer may see a different interpretation of the image.”

Each wine is available in lay down 6 packs.
The After Five Wine Co. Wines:

Single Vineyard

Sourced from vines on the Stansborough vineyard at Williamstown. The site is around 260-280m above sea level with an east west aspect. The soil consists of a shallow red clay top soil over friable red clay with bands of quartz, ironstone and shale. The vineyard was planted in 2000 and is own rooted, clones are heritage and 1654.

Single Vineyard Old Vine Grenache

Sourced from the Zerk family vineyard, Grenache is one of the most loved and interesting varieties grown in the Barossa and is so well suited to the climate and soil.  This vineyard has shown the ability to achieve flavour ripeness relatively early allowing a great balance of flavour, tannin ripeness and good acidity.

Single Vineyard Blend

Sourced from the Stansborough vineyard, we are lovers of blends that bring to life something is unique and quite different from any of the single varietals that go into the wine.  When we planted Montepulciano and Aglianico alongside the Shiraz the idea was certainly to release single varietals but also with the intention of producing a single vineyard blend. Why? Complexity and structure and length, these two varieties deliver these elements, a perfect foil when blended with Shiraz.  We think the combination of the Australian and Italian varieties provides an interesting wine with a lot of complexity and style. As such we sought a name for the blend that had roots in the Italian side, and came up with the Italian word Serata which translates roughly into coming together and having a pleasant evening with friends, a very appropriate name for an After Five wine.